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Revive Spray

Revive Spray

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This 100% farm hydrosol spray is a blend of lavender, spearmint, sage and rose geranium, and was created to revitalize the skin and revive the senses on hot summer days, after exercise, or whenever a pick-me-up is needed! 



from the farm...

The four hydrosols in our Revive Spray are from plants grown and distilled on our farm. 

Lavender and spearmint are anti-inflammatory, sage is anti-bacterial and rose geranium is a humectant, attracting moisture to the skin. 


Mist face and neck after exercise to revive the senses and restore balance. Especially nice on a hot summer day!


Ingredients: farm-grown/farm-distilled hydrosols of lavender, spearmint, rose geranium and sage