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Lavender Essential Oil

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Our pure, unadulterated lavender essential oil is extracted in small batches through steam distillation of the Lavandula x. intermedia and Lavandula angustifolia plants we grow on our farm. 

With its calming, soothing and relaxing aroma, lavender essential oil can be used in baking, in a diffuser or directly on the skin to ease bug bites and headaches.

Looking for easy, everyday application of lavender essential oil? Try our Relief Roll On Remedy.

Our lavender plants are 100% spray-free and are harvested at their peak to ensure utmost quality.

Limited Edition Gift Box: includes one 2.4mL bottle each of "Maillette", "English", "Super" and "Grosso"


Lavandula x. intermedia: a good choice for creams, lotions, bath products, diffusers and muscle aches

  • Super (2.4mL)
  • Grosso (2.4mL)
  • Intermedia Blend: Phenomenal & Super (5mL & 15mL)

Lavandula angustifolia: a good choice for perfumes, culinary and aromatherapy

  • English (2.4mL)
  • Maillette (2.4mL)
  • Angustifolia Blend: Maillette, English, Sachet & Blue Scent (5mL)

How to Use

Lavender has been used for centuries for everything from calming and relaxing the mind to healing the skin.

  • Calming: Rub a few drops of oil on your feet, temples or wrists.

  • Soothing: Place a drop of oil on a sting or bite to reduce itching and swelling

  • Relaxing: Add 1 cup of Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender to a bath to relieve aches and pains.

A little goes a long way: 1 mL is approximately 25 drops. Add 2 drops of essential oil to flavour a 500mL batch of whipping cream.

Love chocolate? A custom blend of our Lavandula angustifolia lavender essential oil is featured in Rogers' Chocolate's "54% Lavender Bliss" bar!

*check with your health care practitioner before using essential oils if you are pregnant or are being treated for any medical condition


2019 Australian Olfactory Oil Competition

GoldL. angustifolia 'Royal Velvet'

Gold: L. angustifolia 'Pacific Blue' / 'No. 9' / 'Nana Atropurpurea'

SilverL. x. intermedia 'Phenomenal'

2018 New Zealand Supreme Oil Awards

SilverL. angustifolia 'Peter Pan' / 'No. 9' / 'English'

Silver: L. x. intermedia 'Super' / 'Phenomenal'

2017 Australian Olfactory Oil Competition

GoldL. angustifolia 'English' / 'Royal Velvet'

Gold: L. x. intermedia 'Super' / 'Seal' / 'Abrialii'

Silver: L. x. intermedia 'Grosso'

2014 New Zealand Supreme Oil Awards

Silver: L. angustifolia 'Maillette'



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