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Botanical Toner: Oily Skin

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Combat oily skin and blemishes face on with our gentle yet powerful Oily Skin Botanical Toner. Lavender, thyme and lemongrass hydrosols naturally balance the skin's pH while their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties cleanse and tone. Alcohol-free and non-drying, this toner will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed!

No need for cotton pads - simply mist on face directly after cleansing to hydrate and prep the skin for our nourishing Oily Skin Face Serum.


Lavender hydrosol & essential oil

Properties: antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, especially soothing for irritated skin

farm grown & distilled

Thyme hydrosol

Properties: antiseptic and antifungal, helps reduce acne-related inflammation

farm grown & distilled

Lemongrass hydrosol

Properties: antimicrobial, especially beneficial for toning oily skin

farm grown & distilled


How to Use

  • Shake well and mist face and neck after cleansing. Leave to air dry, or follow up for extra nourishment with our Oily Skin Face Serum.

  • Can also be used to set mineral-based make up.


Ingredients: distilled water, lavender* hydrosol, thyme* hydrosol, lemongrass* hydrosol, pure essential oil of lavender*

*farm grown & distilled