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Botanical Toner: Dry Skin

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Say goodbye to dry, weathered skin with our hydrating Dry Skin Botanical Toner. With an uplifting base of rose, lavender and spearmint hydrosols, this toner is intended to soothe and balance while leaving the skin feeling refreshed and replenished.

No need for cotton pads - simply mist on face directly after cleansing to hydrate, tone, and prep the skin for our moisturizing Dry Skin Face Serum

CertClean Certified

This product is CertClean certified

As Canada’s only health centered certification mark for beauty products, CertClean screens and vets product ingredients void of ingredients recognized to potentially cause human health harm.


Rose hydrosol

Properties: toning, soothing and balancing for all skin types

farm grown & distilled

    Lavender hydrosol & essential oil

    Properties: antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, especially soothing for irritated skin

    farm grown & distilled

    Spearmint hydrosol & essential oil

    Properties: refreshing and calming, helps reduce itching

    farm grown & distilled

    Vegetable glycerin

    Properties: aids in retaining moisture which can soften and soothe the skin

    Bergamot essential oil

    Properties: soothing and cooling, especially beneficial for dry skin

    Rose Geranium essential oil

    Properties: antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, making it balancing and toning for all skin types

    Chamomile essential oil

    Properties: soothing and relieving for irritated skin

    Mandarin essential oil

    Properties: antiseptic and antibacterial, which aids in toning and healing the skin


    How to Use

    • Shake well and mist face and neck after cleansing. Leave to air dry, or seal in the moisture with our Dry Skin Face Serum.

    • Can also be used to set mineral-based make up.


    Ingredients: distilled water, lavender* hydrosol, spearmint* hydrosol, rose* hydrosol, vegetable glycerin, pure essential oils of lavender*, mandarin, chamomile, bergamot, rose geranium, spearmint*

    *farm grown & distilled