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Roll On: Calm

Roll On: Calm

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In a simple dilution of organic Sweet Almond and vitamin E oils lie the pure essential oils of lavender and mandarin. As lavender relaxes and mandarin uplifts, together they will help you find a sense of 'calm' amid the storms of life.  Application is easy with our stainless steel roll on!​

from the farm...
Our 'English' lavender is harvested in the summer using a traditional hand sickle.  We steam distill it on-site in small batches for its sweet and subtle essential oil.  'English' is an exceptional lavender essential oil and is known for its complexity and ability to reduce anxiety and promote a restful sleep.

other star ingredients...
Organic Sweet Almond oil is protein and vitamin rich, and works to soothe, soften and recondition the skin.
Mandarin essential oil not only nourishes the skin, but is gentle, relaxing and uplifting for the soul.
Vitamin E oil - a natural preservative - repairs, moisturizes and protects the skin.

Roll on pulse points to impart 'calm'.

Ingredients: organic sweet almond oil (may contain nuts), pure essential oils of mandarin and farm-grown/farm-distilled 'English' lavender, vitamin E oil