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Lavender Hydrosol

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Soothe a sunburn, relieve itching and hydrate the skin with our farm grown and distilled Lavender Hydrosol, extracted from our Lavandula angustifolia plants through small-batch steam distillation. Sweet and honey-like in aroma, lavender hydrosol is rich in soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Visit our blog for more information about steam distillation on our farm!

As this product is packaged in glass, we cannot ship it from October to March due to risk of freezing and breaking. Please contact us if you'd like to pick it up in store!

How to Use

For the skin

  • Apply directly to the skin with a cotton pad and let air dry.

  • Can be used as a hydrating face toner, to soothe a sunburn, and to calm skin irritations caused by eczema.

For the home

  • Combine with distilled water and vinegar for a natural surface cleaner.

  • Mist directly on linens before ironing to impart lavender's subtle floral aroma.


 Only one ingredient: farm grown and distilled lavender hydrosol