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Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil

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Traditionally used to fade scars, stretch marks, under eye puffiness, and to revitalize mature skin, our rose hip oil is a luxurious infusion of farm-grown rose hips, lavender essential oil and vitamin E oil.  Our stainless steel roll-on allows for simple and easy application!


from the farm...

  • After the first light frost in autumn, you'll see us harvesting rose hips at the farm.  We leave these rose hips to infuse in small batches allowing the oils to absorb the vitamin C and essential fatty acids of the rose hips.  An enriched oil is created that promotes cell regeneration and tissue healing.

  • In the summer, we gather the blooms from three exceptional lavender plants, 'Sachet', 'Folgate' and 'Royal Velvet', and distill them for their essential oil to use exclusively with our rose hip oil.  Lavender's anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing qualities complement the rose hips perfectly.

other star ingredients...

  • Avocado oil is a highly therapeutic oil that softens tissue and heals dry, dull skin, making it an incredibly healing and hydrating carrier oil for our rose hips.

  • Vitamin E oil additionally repairs, moisturizes and protects the skin.


Roll on areas of concern as often as desired!


Ingredients: avocado oil infused with farm-grown rose hips, pure essential oil of farm-grown/farm-distilled 'Sachet', 'Folgate and 'Royal Velvet' lavender, vitamin E oil